Ahlmo Tours is a tour agency that offers “cultural trips” that go far beyond just visiting, discovering or exploring the region.

We believe that the grandeur of the origins of the villages, the ancestral traditions of its people, the gastronomy, the monuments and the green countryside will arose your senses in an unparalleled manner which will most assuredly transform your experiences into unforgettable moments.

Our tours are designed to provide visitors with what is most beautiful and genuine of the Northern Region of Portugal. This Region continues to resist the signs of time, where the history, memories, and customs are still kept alive and define the soul and identity of its people.


Honesty and integrity
Continual service excellence
Social business responsibility
Importance of environmental conservation


To be a reference and important catalyst in the development of the Cultural Tourism in the north of Portugal, so that it may grow and become one of the main economic sectors of the region in the hope of it becoming more attractive, valuable, viable, sustainable, and simultaneously contributing to the Portuguese economy.


We pledge to preserve and conserve as well as promote the cultural heritage, gastronomy and countryside of the Northern Region of Portugal. To ensure personalized service to our customers, offering cutting-edge products and services tailored to each individual.



The World Tourism Organization defines “Sustainability” as that which takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.

The natural resources, cultural heritage and other attractions along with optimal conditions for tourism are part of the attributes added to the package that is offered to the tourist. For this reason, it is important to transmit to the tourist how to respect the natural and cultural heritage of the community, so that, they may be preserved and valued.

At Ahlmo Tours, we are aware that the constant interaction with the social and environmental areas, in which we perform our tourism operations and hope to achieve positive economic results, will only be attainable if we can commit ourselves to preserving its integrity.

In order to attain sustainable development, Ahlmo Tours follows the management guidelines of Social Corporate Responsibility, so that future generations may enjoy, to its full extent, their right to take advantage of all the delights of this heritage.