Payment Method

How do I pay for my reservation?


AHLMO TOURS disposes of the following means of payment: credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Maestro) and ATM. All our transactions are secure and all personal data is protected.

Payment by ATM can be made through the ATM network boxes or via home banking.
This type of payment takes approximately 1 business day to enter the bank. Your reservation will only be validated when we confirm receipt of your payment.
Note that reservations are safeguarded for 4 days. If during this period AHLMO TOURS does not receive the respective payment, the booking will be cancelled.

All prices include VAT (where applicable) the legal rate.

When will I be charged?
Payment by credit card when authorized, shall be made immediately. A confirmation e-mail will be sent confirming the success of the order.

If the card is declined, the buyer will be immediately informed by our system completion of the order. Do not despair, it is possible that a typing mistake could have been made whilst typing, so we advise that a new attempt be made.

It's safe to shop online?
AHLMO TOURS use one of the most secure online orders systems that currently exists and it is constantly improving its software in order to offer the highest possible security to its customers.

We have an important responsibility and commitment with regards to the security of our website and the data protection of our customers and visitors. Therefore, we use a server certificate - also called a digital certificate - which ensures our identity as an encryption of data transmission SSL (Secure Sockets Layer - Secure Sockets Layer Protocol).