1. Application of Terms
1.1 These conditions govern the relationship between the visitor and AHLMO TOURS regarding the use of this Website.
1.2 By accessing any part of the Website, visitor´s tacitly accept these terms. AHLMO TOURS reserves the right to change these terms at any time without prior notice. The visitor should consult these conditions each time the Website is accessed.

2. Use of Website
2.1 The Visitor can download, view, or print parts of the Website for personal, non-commercial use.
2.2 It is forbidden to use this Website for any purpose that is unlawful, abusive, defamatory or threaten the transmission of any virus or other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or intentionally damage hardware or software or that interferes with the normal operation of the Website.

3. Personal Information
3.1 The collection of user identification data can be carried out via the Internet (on the site itself) or phone (via Customer Support). All data collection will operate according to the most stringent safety requirements.
3.2 The non-voluntary registration of visitors is restricted to customers of AHLMO TOURS partners or other entities that it relates with directly or indirectly being informed of such. This register is to ensure privileged access to protected areas of the Website.
3.3 The data collected in AHLMO TOURS shall be processed automatically, as approved by the National Data Protection Commission, by AHLMO TOURS, responsible entity for the corresponding file. The database is intended for customer management and services of AHLMO TOURS, as well as, marketing activities of new services.
3.4 In accordance with Law No. 67/98 of 26 October, it is guaranteed to customers access to their data being it possible to request in writing to AHLMO TOURS the update, correction or deletion of the corresponding data.
3.5 No external entity outside of AHLMO TOURS has access or can query the database.
3.6 All employees of the entity responsible for processing personal data are covered by an oath of secrecy and confidentiality for the data they have access to under the data entry operations on its data-process base, being aware of the importance of the fulfilment of this legal duty of confidentiality and the corresponding responsibility being required .
3.7 The use of cookies is only used to ensure the authentication of the user.
3.8 The Website does not use clickstreams. The paths followed by users are only registered in the server logs, anonymously, and the statistics generated are associated with a specific Visitor.
3.9 AHLMO TOURS does not send spam, nor tolerates the practice of sending unsolicited bulk e-mail. If you receive unsolicited email from our domain, please report the incident, along with the message you received to the address shown at the beginning of this document.
3.10 AHLMO TOURS uses security measures to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of the information under our control.

4. Intellectual Property Rights
4.1 The visitor acknowledges and accepts all intellectual rights of the Website, including text, graphics, images, sounds and any other information.
4.2 Protection of the copyright of the Website´s content extends to all reproductions or copies, obtained from the content of this Website.
4.3 AHLMO TOURS provides visitors with a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access the Website and the use of the same according to these conditions.
4.4 It is prohibited to publish, reproduce, disseminate, distribute or in any other form to make the content accessible to third parties for marketing or public communication purposes, namely, making it available on another Website, on-line service, bulletin board or message board (posting for consultation) or in paper copies, and it still being denied carrying out any processing its contents.
4.5 AHLMO TOURS may provide on the Website information which may be transmitted or disseminated. In these cases, the document itself contains information about the rights granted to the visitor.

5. Disclaimer and exclusion of liability
5.1 AHLMO TOURS has taken all the necessary measures to ensure that the information on the Website is accurate, current and complete and that it functions properly. However, no warranty is given (expressly or implicitly) in this respect, nor to the Website´s compatibility with the visitor´s hardware, software and that it be free from bugs, viruses, or other harmful elements, which remain accessible without interruption or that the information contained in it be suited to the visitor´s needs.
5.2 The visitor is solely responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, caused to themselves and AHLMO TOURS or any third party relating to their use of the Website, pledging to make the necessary compensation, as a result of any action, claim or conviction that may be caused.
5.3 The visitor agrees to collaborate with AHLMO TOURS and to comply with these instructions in order to limit or minimise any liability of AHLMO TOURS.

6. Jurisdiction
6.1 The parties agree with these conditions, being that the legislation of the Portuguese law applies.

7. Scope
7.1 The user, by continuing to use this Website, expressly accepts the terms and conditions described above.
7.2 For any dispute that may arise the Jurisdiction of the District of Vila Verde, with express exclusion of any other shall be chosen.

8. Complaint
8.1 If you have any complaint or matter related to the Website or these terms, please contact AHLMO TOURS.
telephone:+351 969 373 612